Dick Hill's Masonry Stove

Dick Hill has an apartment in his house that is rented to graduate students.  He wanted to upcycle an old fireplace from an inefficient energy hog into a system that would actually heat the space.

This is the result; a 4,000 pound masonry stove that was built on site by local mason Chris Manlove.

It was allowed to air cure for four weeks prior to firing.  The installation also integrates a new stainless steel chimney flue liner.

The long awaited masonry stove report (PDF) is now available!

Photo Gallery

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Dick Hill's Masonry Stove            Cross Sectional View                   Peeking in a Heat                 Combustion Chamber
                                                                                                                 Exchanger Channel       (Door from Mainewoodheat.com)
         Glass Peep Hole                   A Cleanout Opening             Stainless Steel Damper       Dr. Hill Preparing for a Dinner
                                                                                                                                                                   Party and Show and Tell