Dick Hill's Low Salt Bean Bread Recipe

(The use of the metric system gives the enterprise a scientific tone!)

Start with .454 kg (one pound) beans

Add water for a total weight of 2.00 kg.  Soak overnight.

Place in pressure cooker.  Bring to pressure for one hour, then shut off.  Let coast until the temperature falls to about 55˚C.  Blend with a portable mixer.

Add .35 kg molasses (total weight 2.35)

Add .25 kg dry milk (total weight 2.60)

Add .200 kg olive oil (total weight 2.80)

Add 3 tablespoons dry yeast.  By this time, the mix should be about 45˚C.  Blend all the above ingredients with portable mixer.  Add rounded tablespoon of cinnamon and one leveled tablespoon salt.  Set aside for ten minutes - the mix should well.

Add 2.0 kg whole wheat flour.

Add a little water to bring total weight to 5.00 kg.

Turn the crank on the dough mixer, let rise, then divide into 12 loaves, weighing .417 kg each (6"x3"x2" baking tins); let rise to the top of the pans; preheat oven to 350˚F; bake for 35 minutes.  Enjoy!