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Last Updated: August 4th, 2021

We're BACK! We're all older, hopefully wiser, maybe a bit rusty, BUT we have a NEW project house in the works and will be posting regular updates on our YouTube channel as progress happens! Make sure you're subscribed and check back often!

The first two videos are up now!


We had the slab poured at our new location in autumn of 2018. We received word that the building was going to be put up in the middle of January 2019. Unfortunately, we did not cover it up before the winter, and had several inches of snow and ice to clear off before that could happen! And then, the poor installation crew had to put the building up over four snowy and icy days. But they got it done and we have been in our new location for about two years now. Here are some photos of the building as it was going up, including our ingenious way of melting the ice by idling a truck on the slab! We sure know how to have a good time!! (click photos for larger version)


I wanted to share a few photos of my new banjo with you all! Isn't this a beauty?! (click the photos for a larger version)


If you're a fan of Hot and Cold, you are probably also a fan of saving energy and being efficient.

In addition to home improvements, alternative heating solutions, and saving energy, we have been fooling around with Hybrid and Electric cars for years (possibly a delayed adolescence, but also an interest in fun technology).

Since we have been doing this for so long and have had experience with a long line (15+) of electric and hybrid vehicles, it only made sense to get a dealer license and offer some of our experience and knowledge to folks looking for affordable and efficient cars.

Most of what we offer will be hybrid vehicles. There are currently some electric cars available and we expect more soon. Some will just be cars we thought you might be interested in because we like them.

If you have a specific vehicle you are interested in and have been looking for and you don't see it listed on our website, let us know! We try to only carry vehicles that are proven reliable and durable.

Consider bookmarking AST Cars and giving us a "like" on Facebook to keep up to date on our newest inventory!

We've updated our look! We'll be adding more information and performing more renovations over the next few weeks, so check back often!

Great news for all you night owls or those who find yourselves preoccupied Saturday mornings! WVOM now has Hot and Cold available to listen to, download, and subscribe to as a podcast! You can find many archived shows here.

We're also uploading Hot and Cold "classics" to our YouTube channel on a near-daily basis! We will be adding new, YouTube specific content in the near future, and will let you know here when we do, but in the meanwhile, be sure to check us out subscribe!

We have tons of fun on WVOM 103.9 FM and 101.3 FM every Saturday morning. We try to address many serious home improvement issues that those of us living in Maine face. We hope we can offer our listeners important information in a way that is easy to understand and enjoyable to listen to and watch. If you have a question you'd like answered, call us on the air at 1-800-966-1039 on Saturday from 8-10 am.